Great Teaching Matters


Who We Are

Impact Florida is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that believes excellent classroom instruction can move the needle for all students.


What We Do

We focus on supporting education leaders and teachers with the knowledge and resources they need to ensure that great teaching and learning is consistently realized in all Florida schools.


Why It Matters

A recent survey of Florida education leaders found that 69% believe student outcomes could be greatly improved by focusing on strengthening teaching practices.

Our Story

After spending two years exploring Florida's education landscape, a small group of leaders came together to form Impact Florida in 2018. The goal: promote excellent K-12 teaching and learning and help education leaders scale best practices across all schools and districts.

According to our research, 87% of educators believe that the quality of education can be improved with advocacy, action, and the effective use of data. This is exactly what Impact Florida is here to do.

As part of our work, we have identified Five Conditions That Support Great Teachingwhich education leaders and teachers can embrace to make a real difference in Florida’s classrooms. We invite you to explore our website, find resources that can help you, and join the conversation on social media at #CommitToImpact.

<span class='slide-subheading'>Impact Florida Education Summit</span> “Bridging the Opportunity Gap in Classrooms”<span class='slide-date'>February 28 - March 1, 2019</span>
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