The Five Conditions

Five Conditions
That Support Great Teaching

Great teaching takes more than just a great teacher. While having a strong teacher is critically important, there are other factors involved in delivering a world-class learning experience for every student, including social-emotional and whole child supports. But we believe that a sustained focus on excellent instruction is preeminent, and when coupled with these other types of targeted supports, will lead to more of our students experiencing success.

Impact Florida curates and cultivates the following list of resources with only the best and most useful materials that align with the Five Conditions That Support Great Teaching. We recognize there are many factors that influence a student’s ultimate success, however, these are conditions that leaders and educators can control in their classrooms to improve student engagement and learning. These are:

  1. SHARED VISION: A shared vision of what great teaching looks like — so that every student can succeed
  2. INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS: High-quality, academically rigorous instructional materials
  3. PROFESSIONAL LEARNING: Effective professional learning systems and structures
  4. EMPOWERED LEADERS: School leaders who focus on scaling great teaching beyond individual classrooms
  5. EFFECTIVE USE OF DATA: Regular use of data and a focus on continuous improvement

The list is routinely updated with new material, so we encourage you to check back often or sign up to receive updates.

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  • 1: Shared Vision
  • 2: Instructional Materials
  • 3: Professional Learning
  • 4: Empowered Leaders
  • 5: Effective Use of Data
  • Equity in Education

Classroom Practice Reflection Guide for Developmental Language Arts through ESOL Classes

M-DCPS Classroom Practice Reflection Guide for Developmental Language Arts through ESOL Classes

WIDA Can Do Descriptors, Grades 6-8

Can-Do-Name-Chart-Gr6-8- MDCPS

Transformational Leadership Framework 2020

The New Leaders’ Transformational Leadership Framework identifies key actions for improving student achievement and effective leadership practices at three levels – system, school, and team. The tool breaks these actions into five categories: Learning and Teaching, School Culture, Talent Management, Planning and Operations, and Personal Leadership. In addition, New Leaders highlights areas where leaders have …

Transformational Leadership Framework 2020 Read More »


This report by The Thomas B. Fordham Institute is a review of Florida’s B.E.S.T. English Language Arts and Mathematics Standards by the same expert reviewers and use of the same criteria from their 2018 report and multi-state reviews. Included are the institute’s identification of strengths and weaknesses and recommendations for ELA and Math.

High-Quality Curriculum Implementation Summer 2020

Connecting What to Teach with How to Teach It:  This report dives into the potential of high-quality curriculum when implemented with job-embedded professional learning and individual teacher coaching and feedback at the school level.  A recommendations guide is also included, along with action steps for district, school, and teacher leaders for successful high-quality curriculum implementation …

High-Quality Curriculum Implementation Summer 2020 Read More »

Curriculum Support Guide

Teachers need much more than a box of new materials to ensure great teaching and learning take place. This interactive series of tools can help a team of leaders who select, prepare for, and support the use of high-quality instructional materials.

Common Vision of Instructional Excellence

See a copy of the vision of excellent instruction developed by Pasco County Schools, which is shared regularly with the district’s staff (including teachers), partners and community members.

Quail Hollow, a School Where any Student Can Learn

This 10-minute video case study of Quail Hollow Elementary School talks about how educators combine student engagement and caring with rigorous instruction to achieve amazing academic results with their students.

A Vision for Great Teaching in Florida

Florida’s educational achievements are on the rise, but the state still has a long way to go in providing quality instruction to all students in all schools. This report addresses how the status-quo is contributing to the stunting of student achievement and opportunity, and what research points to for solutions.

K-12 Instructional Materials Reviews evaluates and rates the standards alignment of instructional materials using a simple green-yellow-red system. Easily look up specific titles, browse by publisher and compare materials.

Teaching Higher

This report estimated that in fourth and fifth grade math, switching to a top ranked textbook would translate to student achievement gains of 3.6 percentile points—larger than the improvement of a typical teacher’s effectiveness in their first three years on the job when they are learning to teach.

Coherence Map

The Coherence Map is an interactive way to view the relationship and sequence of key mathematical concepts for grades K-8.

The Opportunity Myth

In this major report, TNTP after following nearly 4,000 students in five diverse school systems to learn more about their experiences found that most students—and especially students of color, those from low-income families, those with mild to moderate disabilities, and English language learners—spent the vast majority of their school days missing out on four crucial …

The Opportunity Myth Read More »

Instructional Practice Guide

This set of observation rubrics names the specific actions (“Core Actions”) and behavioral indicators (“Indicators”) school leaders and instructional coaches should look for when observing instruction with the goal of giving feedback to educators. This set of observable actions are designed to help teachers, coaches, and peers identify evidence of where, when, and how instruction …

Instructional Practice Guide Read More »

Assignment Review Protocols

These assignment and student work review tools are intended to help teachers, leaders, and others understand if an assignment is giving students the opportunity to meaningfully engage in worthwhile grade-level content. Using the protocols, you’ll first review the quality of the assignment and then analyze students’ performance on that assignment.

Lesson Planning Tool

The Lesson Planning Tool guides teachers through a series of prompts about the lesson content, structure, and activities to ensure the Shifts required by college- and career-ready standards are central to the lesson.

Student Engagement Survey

To understand how your students perceive their daily lessons, teachers and leaders can use this Student Engagement Survey regularly to understand how engaging and worthwhile students perceived a lesson – and then use that information to make lessons even more engaging and worthwhile.

Student Work Library

Student work is one of the most valuable tools in gauging the efficacy of instruction, tasks, and student learning taking place in a classroom. This Student Work Library allows you to view examples of student work to learn to distinguish between high and low-quality assignments. The Student Work Library rates more than 70 assignments on …

Student Work Library Read More »

Instructional Materials Decision Guide

This decision guide makes it easier for ELA/literacy and mathematics teachers who don’t already have strong district curricula to find high-quality, grade-appropriate instructional materials online.

Interactive P-12 Assignments Analysis Tool

This tool includes assignments from a range of middle school grades and subjects and were collected from schools with different student demographics. Assignments fall within the low, mid and high range on EdTrust’s Literacy Assignments Analysis Framework and the tool lists the details that support the scoring.

Ambitious Leadership: How Principals Lead Schools to College and Career Readiness

Principals are the linchpins of leading their schools (and teachers) to educational excellence, particularly when confronting more challenging instructional expectations. Read case studies from six schools where principals are leading the way through what New Leaders calls “ambitious leadership,” and learn from the strategies they’re implementing every day to move the needle for all students.

Principal Support Framework

The Principal Support Framework helps leaders evaluate the support needed to advance principal leadership in their school systems. It asks questions about the vision a district or CMO has regarding the role of principals as instructional leaders and the supports that are or need to be in place for principals to be strong academic leaders.

Profiles in School Leadership

Read this report from the Chicago Public Education Fund, highlighting four promising practices for principals in the implementation of the higher standards in public schools, including setting a clear vision of excellent instruction, hiring the right team of teachers, providing a strong professional learning system, and using data to continuously improve outcomes.

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