Need Some Math Inspiration? Summit Keynote Videos Are Here!

With Florida making headlines about math, it’s a good time to refresh, renew, and refocus once again. These Summit keynote videos explore why and how we can we stay on mission to impact the way we’ve always taught math, and reconsider who we think is deserving of the opportunity to be a “math” person.

A Dream NOT Deferred: The Urgency of Math Now in Preparing Students for the Jobs of the Future by Dr. Elisha Smith Arrillaga


What is the purpose of math? What do students need to learn in K-12 to prepare them for a successful future?  Dr. Elisha Smith Arrillaga, Managing Director of the Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas at Austin, spoke about the future of work and how math will prepare students for a rapidly changing economy. Her keynote, titled “A Dream NOT Deferred: The Urgency of Math Now in Preparing Students for the Jobs of the Future,” was part of the Impact Florida Education Summit, held April 6-7 in Orlando, Florida.


Shifting from Gatekeeper to Gateway: Math’s Role as an Opportunity Equalizer by Francisco Villegas

Why are opportunities in math available to some students and not others? What do teachers believe about what their students can accomplish?

Francisco Villegas, Director of School Transformation at the Partnership for LA Schools, refused to let his students not succeed in AP Calculus, and ended up changing perceptions about what students could do, transforming how his school created access to this important subject.

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Need some math inspiration? Summit keynote videos are here! Refresh, renew, and refocus on the important role of math in K-12 education. Click To Tweet
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